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Supreme Court Observer is a legal journalism platform that reports, analyses and makes sense of the work of the Supreme Court. We aim to build a non-partisan database of the Supreme Court’s contribution to our everyday lives, through daily reporting on selected cases. SCO emphasises simplicity and clarity.

Core Values

Legal journalism in today’s India is mired with issues of reliability, sensationalisation, overzealousness, verbose-technical writing and for-profit journalism. SCO aims to build a new brand of legal journalism that is tethered to reliability and integrity of reporting, lucid and readable writing, and unique content that addresses contemporaneous and archival information.

What Do We Do?

We provide non-partisan reporting and analysis of landmark cases being heard before the Supreme Court of India (SCI). Every tracked case includes a background which describes the context in which the case is being heard. The key constitutional issues are highlighted, along with updates on what stage the case is in. We also provide live coverage of oral arguments, and write comprehensive reports on every hearing. Our document compilation contains pleadings and affidavits submitted to the Court, and interim orders and judgments for every case. Our reports also include key submissions and judgments explained in plain and simple terms.

In addition to tracking landmark cases, we provide critical analysis of the Court’s functioning . This includes biographies of sitting and select retired SCI Justices, and an analysis of their judicial output. Our Court Data page provides insightful statistical nuggets to illustrate and evaluate the Court’s output.

The Desk page provides simplified analysis of key legal and administrative developments ranging from curated ‘must reads’ to historical overviews of legal doctrine. We also record podcasts on important judgments and court activity on our Channel page.

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