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Demonetisation Challenge

Today, the Justice Nazeer-led Constitution Bench are hearing arguments from the Attorney General against the challenge to the Union's 2016 Demonetisation Scheme.

Cases | Background

Challenge to Jallikattu

On Tuesday, the Constitution Bench is expected to conclude hearings in challenge in Jallikattu and other banned sports involving bulls.

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Commercial Cultivation of GM Mustard

On December 1st, the Attorney General argued that the Court cannot answer questions related to science and the validity of different processes. The case will be heard next on December 7th.

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Understanding the SC Collegium System

The Collegium's recent recommendations for Judge appointments and transfers are currently facing pushback from lawyers and the Union. What is the controversy?

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Challenge to the Practice of Jallikattu

28 Nov 2022


Animal Welfare Board v Union Of India

The Supreme Court will decide if the practice of Jallikattu is protected as a cultural right under Article 29 of the Constitution of India, 1950


Decriminalisation of Adultery

18 Oct 2021


Joseph Shine v Union of India

The Court decriminalised adultery, striking down Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC).


Challenge to Union’s 2016 Demonetisation Scheme

12 Oct 2022


Vivek Narayan Sharma v Union of India

The Supreme Court will decide if the 2016 demonestisation scheme is constitutionally valid, and if it was applied in a reasonable manner. This case will determine the future course of the RBI and the Union government's powers to derecognise all notes of select denominations.


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