Does the Constitution protect MLAs from charges of bribery?

A 7-judge Bench will examine if MLAs who accept bribes to vote in a house of legislature enjoy immunity from prosecution.


Article 370: The decision in “Prem Nath Kaul” lies conveniently forgotten

A SC decision from 1968 has long justified Union executive creep in J&K. But what of the equal bench judgement that came a decade before it?


The Women’s Reservation Bill has a long history of arguments and stakes

After two years of silence from the government in a PIL, Parliament abruptly passed the bill in a special session

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Does the Supreme Court of India Work More Days than Other Top Courts Across the World?

The top court of India hears cases for 190 days a year, a significantly higher workload compared to its counterparts worldwide.

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Challenge to Extended Reservations in the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies

Is the 104th Constitutional Amendment Unconstitutional?

Early Release of Bilkis Bano Gangrape Convicts


Bilkis Yakub Rasool v Union of India

The Supreme Court will decide if the Gujarat government followed due process when releasing the 11 men convicted of gangrape in the Bilkis Bano case.

Assam’s National Register of Citizens


In re: Section 6A of the Citizenship Act, 1955

The Court monitored how the State Coordinator updated Assam's National Register of Citizens (NRC), so as to ensure that the NRC was published as mandated by the Assam Accord of 15 August 1985.

Challenge to Extended Reservations in the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies


In re: Article 334 of the Constitution of India

A 5-Judge Constitution Bench will decide the validity of Article 334 which provides reservations in the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies. The Constitution Bench will determine if the Union Government can keep extending reservation in Lok Sabha and State Legislature, despite Constitutional provision capping it at 10 years from 1950.

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