We track cases that have longstanding legal, constitutional impact, and affect important institutions or the general public


Our case page contains information about all the parties, their advocates, and the Bench the matter is being heard before. Further, we provide a background explaining the social and legal context of the case.

Under the ‘Documents’ section, key submissions made before the SC including pleadings and affidavits, and substantial orders are made available for every case. Judgments of decided cases are also provided.

Our ‘Reports’ section contains detailed coverage of all oral arguments made before the Court. We also write summaries of important written submissions, and plain English explanations of judgments. Matrices of complex judgments are drawn up to a provide clear, succinct overview of the decision.


This page contains brief biographies of all sitting judges in the SC. We also write biographies of former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court. The biographies contain information about the judges’ legal career, with a data centric analysis of their judicial output.

We write about each judge’s notable judgments, highlighting their specific contribution to each judgment.


The Desk page provides simplified account of significant legal and administrative developments. We trace the litigation history of a case, highlighting important stages which have an impact on law and policy. We also compare approaches adopted by the apex courts of other countries in tackling issues heard by the Indian Supreme Court. Specific issues in important cases are examined in depth, in a simple and straightforward manner.

We review the Court’s activity every month, and examine the Court through 4 sessions, divided by the Court’s vacations. This includes a review of key judgments, appointments and retirements, admissions of new cases, and updates on pending cases in a specific time-frame.

Court Data

Here, we present and analyse the Court’s work in numbers. This may include pendency of cases, vacancies, diversity and other vital metrics used to assess the functioning of the SC.


All audio and video content is available here, including podcasts on important judgments and court activity.

About the Supreme Court of India

In this section, we provide an overview of the Court. We also discuss its various procedures. Our glossary contains simple definitions of legal terms.


This page explains what the Supreme Court is, and how it has evolved since its formation in 1950.


Here we discuss the various functions and powers of the SC. We also explain the various methods used to approach the Court, and the roles played by the judges, advocates and petitioners at the Supreme Court.


This page contains a list of words and maxims used frequently in law. We provide short and simple explanations and definitions for these words and phrases.