The making and unmaking of the Electoral Bond Scheme: Part 1

The Supreme Court’s judgement has validated the concerns expressed by various stakeholders during the planning stage of the Scheme.


2024 Spring Session Review

Compelling hearings and pleasantly surprising judgements in a quarter when the Supreme Court kicked off its 75th year celebrations


On never-ending criminal investigations, the Supreme Court is its own worst enemy

Agencies often file incomplete investigation reports to stop the clock and block default bail.

Desk Brief

Election fever reaches the Supreme Court

As surface and political temperatures rise across the country, things are also heating up at the bar and the bench

Citizenship Amendment Act


Indian Union Muslim League v Union of India

The Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

Judicial Vacancies in the Lower Courts


In re: Filling up of Vacancies

The Supreme Court is monitoring steps taken by High Courts and State Governments to fill vacant judicial posts in the District and Subordinate Courts.

State’s power to regulate industrial alcohol


State of Uttar Pradesh v Lalta Prasad Vaish

The Supreme Court will decide if industrial alcohol falls within the exclusive jurisdiction a state government

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