Interview: Mr. Alok Hisarwala Gupta on Jallikattu and Animal Rights

Animal rights activist Mr. Alok Hisarwala Gupta discusses the SC verdict which upheld Jallikattu, and its impact on the rights of animals.


Stronger Suppression of ‘Dangerous’ Speech a Must, Says Law Commission

In its 279th Report, the Law Commission recommended broadening the scope of sedition and increasing quantum of punishment.

Court Data

SC Vacations: Comparing India to other Countries

SCO takes a preliminary look at the calendars of the apex courts of Australia, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, the UK and US.


SCO Explains: Summer Session Review

With the SC on summer vacation, its time to recap all the key developments at the top Court so far.

Whatsapp-Facebook Privacy

14 Oct 2021


Karmanya Singh Sareen v Union of India

The Supreme Court is hearing a challenge to WhatsApps privacy policy for violating the right to privacy. The policy permits WhatsApp to share data with Facebook and all its group companies for the purposes of commercial advertising and marketing.


Group of Companies Doctrine in Arbitration Proceedings

23 Mar 2023


Cox and Kings Ltd. v SAP India Pvt. Ltd.

The Supreme Court will decide if parties who did not sign an arbitration agreement can be made parties to arbitration proceedings. If this is the case, the Court will clarify the circumstances where this can be done.


Additional Compensation for Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims

07 Oct 2022


Union of India v Union Carbide

The Supreme Court rejected the Union's plea to increase the compensation given to victims of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy as a part of the 1989 settlement with the Union Carbide Corporation.


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