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State of Uttar Pradesh v Lalta Prasad Vaish

The Supreme Court will decide if industrial alcohol falls within the exclusive jurisdiction a state government

Dr. Radhika Thappeta v Union of India

The Supreme Court will decide whether Section 7D of the Citizenship Act, 1955, and government schemes enacted under the Section, violate the constitutional rights of Overseas Citizens of India.

Next Hearing: April 8, 2024

Last Updated: April 7, 2024

Bench:A.S. Bopanna J, Sudhanshu Dhulia J

Tags:Citizenship, Overseas Citizens of India

Sita Soren v Union of India

A seven-Judge Bench unanimously held that a lawmaker does not enjoy immunity under Articles 105(2) and 194(2) of the Constitution against bribery.

State of Punjab v Davinder Singh

The Supreme Court will decide if sub-classification of the SCs and STs is constitutionally permissible and if states have the power to create these sub-classifications

Property Owners Association v State of Maharashtra

The Supreme Court will decide if private property can be considered “material resources of the community” under Article 39(b) of the Constitution

The State of Tamil Nadu v Governor of Tamil Nadu

The Supreme Court will hear petitions filed by the Tamil Nadu government against the Tamil Nadu Governor's withholding of pending bills passed by the state legislature. This case concerns the obligations of the Governor under Article 200, which deals with the Governor's power to assent to Bills.

Next Hearing: December 8, 2023

Last Updated: March 22, 2024

Bench:D.Y. Chandrachud CJI, J.B. Pardiwala J, Manoj Misra J

Tags:Executive, Governor, Legislative Assembly, Pendency

Kunal Kamra v Union of India

The Supreme Court will decide if a stay on the notification of a government fact check unit under the IT Rules, 2023 can be granted

Association for Democratic Reforms v Union of India

The Supreme Court held that the Electoral Bond Scheme was unconstitutional for violating the right to information of voters.

Jaya Thakur v Union of India

The Supreme Court will decide if the Chief Election Commissioner and Other Election Commissioner Act, 2023 is contrary to the Constitution Bench decision in Anoop Baranwal (2023). The Act sets up a committee to nominate members to the ECI.

Mineral Area Development Authority v Steel Authority of India

The Court will determine whether royalty paid by mine operators to the Union government is a form of tax