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Reviewing Week 4 (2022) : Judgments on Reservations and MLA Suspension

DESK BRIEF: Judgments on Reservations in Promotions for SC/STs, and the suspension of 12 BJP MLAs from the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

29th Jan 2022


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7 legal questions on ‘Pro-tem Speaker’

Appointment of K.G. Bopiah as pro-tem speaker challenged by Opposition as unconstitutional.

19th May 2018



Ashish Shelar v Maharashtra Legislative Assembly

The Supreme Court will decide whether the parliamentary resolution suspending 12 MLA’s from the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for a year violates the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Rules. Further, the Court will decide the balance between the speakers power to maintain the decorum of the house and MLAs' right to freely express themselves.


MLA Bribery


Sita Soren v Union of India

A 5 Judge Bench of the Supreme Court will decide whether a legislator enjoys immunity under Article 194(2) of the Constitution from prosecution for accepting bribes to vote in Parliament or an Assembly.