B.V. Nagarathna

B.V. Nagarathna

Sitting Judge of the Supreme Court of India

Assumed Office31st Aug, 2021

Retires On30th Oct, 2027


Judge of the Karnataka High CourtFebruary 18th 2008-August 30th 2021

EnrollmentOctober 28th 1987

Age: 61

Tracked Cases: 9


L.L.B. Faculty of Law, Delhi University


Career as an Advocate

Justice Bangalore Venkataramiah Nagarathna enrolled as an advocate on October 28th 1987. She practised at various courts in Bangalore, Karnataka. While she was practising as a lawyer, she took up cases in constitutional law, commercial and insurance law, service law, administrative and public law, land and rent laws, family law, arbitration and conciliation. She is the daughter of former Chief Justice of India, ES Venkataramiah

Career as a Judge

Thirty years into her career, Nagarathna J was appointed as an Additional Judge of the Karnataka High Court in 2008. Two years later, she was confirmed as a permanent Judge in 2010. Nagarathna J occupied this position for 11 years. She was elevated to the Supreme Court in 2021. She is projected to become the 54th Chief Justice of India on September 25th, 2027. She will occupy this position for 36 days.

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