Supreme Court in the Classroom: Worksheet 4

In this worksheet, students are tasked with understanding the Rafale Deal as a Supreme Court case.

On December 14th 2018, the Supreme Court rejected the plea for an investigation of the Rafale Deal. The deal appeared to suffer from procedural irregularities. However, upon reviewing the details of the deal, the Court found that the government had sufficiently followed proper procedure. Subsequent to the judgment, several petitioners filed a review challenging the judgment. The petitioners pointed to among other things, factual errors in the judgment.

In this worksheet, students are tasked with understanding the Rafale Deal as a Supreme Court case. By analyzing the key components of the case, the students are challenged to identify the central legal questions.

Ideally, students should complete this worksheet in a classroom setting. Teachers should introduce the worksheet by first introducing the larger societal issue, which led to a case being filed before the Supreme Court. They should rely on the video above. After attempting each question, students should engage in a critical discussion, which will give them the opportunity to both clarify any doubts they might have and, further, share their interpretation.

The worksheet is designed for students of law, who have completed a minimum of 1 year of their LLB.