Day 12 Arguments

Elevation of Justice Kureshi

November 13th 2019

The Supreme Court was assessing whether the Union had violated the Constitution in not responding to the Collegium’s recommendation with regards to the appointment of Justice Kureshi. Originally, on May 10th the Collegium had recommended Justice Kureshi as Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. After the Union failed to respond, the Gujarat High Court Advocates Association (GHCAA) filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the Union’s inaction on July 3rd. The GHCAA contended that the Union was engaging in a deliberate ploy to stall Justice Kureshi’s appointment. However, the Union ultimately did respond and on September 5th, the Collegium reconsidered its original recommendation. The Collegium said that Justice Kureshi should be appointed as Chief Justice of the Tripura High Court.


The Supreme Court chose to keep the petition pending until the Union had notified Justice Kureshi’s appointment to the Tripura High Court. On November 7th, the Hindu reported that the Union had notified the appointment. Today, the Bench comprising CJI Gogoi and Deepak Gupta J confirmed the same and disposed of the petition.

(Court reporting by Sanya Talwar)