Curriculum: NCERT
Grade/Year: 6
Subject: Social Studies
Textbook: Social and Political Life -- 1
Unit: 2 -- Government
Worksheet Difficulty:  High







This worksheet supplements the Government Unit in the Social and Political Life – 1 Textbook. It challenges Grade 6 NCERT students to think about the Supreme Court of India and how it can intervene in matters of governance. In particular, the worksheet focuses on elections, a key element of democratic government.


The worksheet introduces students to the Electoral Disqualification case: should we disqualify people accused of crimes from contesting elections, even before they are found guilty?


This worksheet challenges students to connect this Unit with Unit 1 of the Textbook on Diversity. It aims to have them ask themselves with the question, what kinds of diversity are good (and which ones are bad)?



The worksheet is both available online (see below) or as a downloadable PDF (see under Resources, bottom of page)