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Number of reported Supreme Court Review Petitions

57 reported review petitions under Article 137 of the Constitution.

Number of reported Supreme Court Review Petitions: 57

The Supreme Court can review its own judgements and orders. This power is given to the Supreme Court by Article 137 of the Constitution of India.

Normally, the judgment by the Supreme Court is final. However, a departure from this principle can be justified in compelling circumstances. The power of review is exercised to correct of an error and not substitute a view. It is generally taken up if new evidence is discovered, there is a mistake or error on the face of the record; or “any other sufficient reason”. A review proceeding cannot be equated with the original hearing of the case. So, the finality of the judgement is not re-considered unless there is a ‘glaring omission or patent mistake or grave error’.

Under Supreme Court Rules, 1966 a review petition must be filed within 30 days from the date of judgment or order. As far as practicable, it must be circulated, without oral arguments, to the same Bench of Judges who delivered the judgment or order which is sought to be reviewed.

The latest decision by the Supreme Court, refusing to change the decision in Dr Subhash Kashinath Mahajan v the State of Maharashtra will be the 58th reported Review Petition decision.


Note: We arrived at this number by triangulating data from the Supreme Court of IndiaSupreme Court Cases, and Manupatra.