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Hearing Reports

Article 370 Day 5 | Dwivedi Argues Two Clashing Judgements on Art. 370 Requires Clarification by Larger Bench

On December 12, Ramachandran concluded his arguments against Article 370's aborgation. Dinesh Dwivedi argued for referral to a larger Bench.

Hearing Reports

Article 370 Day 4 | Petitioners Seek to Refer the Case to a 7-Judge Bench

On December 11th, the Court heard Raju Ramachandran's arguments against the abrogation of Article 370, on behalf of Shah Faesal.

Hearing Reports

Article 370 Day 3 | 5-Judge Bench Hears Arguments on Illegality of Abrogation and Bifurcation of States

On December 19, the Court heard Raju Ramachandran for the petitioners. He argued the Union's abrogation of Article 370 is unconstitutional.