COVID Coverage: Migrant Labourers- June 9th 2020

Directions regarding relief to migrant workers issued by the Court to Central and State Governments

Directions on Management of Transportation, Collection of Data

The Court on June 9th 2020 gave a detailed order and issued 8 directions to the Governments of the Centre, States and Union Territories. In addition to the directions issued on May 28th, the following directions would be in force:

  1. Within 15 days, the States and Union Territories are required to identify all migrant labourers seeking to go back to their homes and ensure their travel by bus or train.

  2. The Railways should provide for 171 Shramik trains and additionally provide for supplementary trains within 24 hours of demand.

  3. The Central Government to place on record, within two weeks, details of all schemes that migrant labourers, who have returned to their homes, can take benefit of.

  4. The State and Union Territories to provide information of all schemes including relating to employment that migrant labourers can apply to.

  5. The State Governments should set up counselling and help desk centres at block and district levels. These centres should assist migrant labourers with details of various applicable schemes including employment opportunities.

  6. The information of migrant labourers who have returned home must be maintained at village, block and district levels. This must record their skills, nature of employment and past employment details.

  7. The counselling centres must provide necessary information to the migrant labourers who have returned to their homes and want to go back to their places of employment.

  8. States and Union Territories may withdraw cases and complaints under Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act filed against the migrant labourers for violating lockdown conditions.


The Court listed this case for the next hearing on July 8th 2020. It is likely to assess the performance of the Central and States Governments in implementing its directions.