Status Report Filed by the Manipur Government: Summary

Army Deployment in Manipur

On July 10th, 2023, the Manipur Government filed a status report claiming that the current death toll in the State stands at 142*. Further, the report highlighted 462 injuries and 17 missing persons. This report was submitted to a Division Bench of Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice P.S. Narasimha

The 16-page report outlined over 5000 incidents of arson and over 54,000 people seeking refuge in relief camps.  

5,995 First Information Reports (FIRs) have been registered in Manipur, with over 180 arrests.   

The Manipur Government claimed that Manipur is ‘slowly returning to normalcy’. It elaborated measures undertaken by the Union and Manipur government to maintain ‘law, order and public well-being’. 

The Bench ordered the petitioners to draft ‘constructive suggestions’ after scrutinising the contents of the status report. The petitioners were expected to appear with the suggestions before the Supreme Court on July 11th, 2023. 

Conditional Internet Access 

As per the report, the Manipur Government is providing internet access on a ‘case-to-case’ basis to offices and institutions. Users have to submit an undertaking stating that they will not use the internet for any illegal activities. 

On July 8th, 2023,, the Manipur High Court directed the Manipur government to lift the ban on internet access. The Order suggested the requirement of a similar undertaking. 

Relaxed Curfew Hours

The report claimed that the curfew relaxation hours are being ‘enhanced’ as per the ‘local conditions’. A curfew Order dated July 10th 2023 pointed out that there is a ‘considerable improvement of law and order’. Additionally, the report contained details of all security forces who are currently ‘spearheading the efforts’ to bring normalcy in Manipur. These include the State Police, Civil Police, Indian Reserve Battalion, Manipur Rifles, Village Defence Forces, Commandos, etc. 

Supply of Essential Goods 

Essential commodities such as petroleum, oil and lubricants are being transported to Manipur via the Jiribam highway, the report stated. Further, over 7,000 trucks have travelled to Manipur between June 1st to July 4th for the supply of these essential commodities. 

On 10th July 2023, in the Supreme Court, counsel for the petitioners pointed out that the Jiribam Highway is prone to landslides. They stated that 10 Km of National Highway 2, which is an alternate route, is currently captured by ‘assailant groups’. They suggested that the Manipur government make efforts to clear the captured highway to facilitate the transport of essential supplies. They expressed concerns that the state’s supplies would take a hit in the event of a landslide. 

Schools Reopened in Selected Areas 

According to the report, on July 5th 2023, schools for Classes 1-8th have reopened in the State. Further, competitive examinations such as UPSC, NEET (UG), CUET (UG), CUET (PG) have also been conducted. 

Other Relief Measures

The report claimed that the Manipur government has offered compensation packages for the dead and grievously injured, for families whose houses have been burnt down, and has taken measures to rebuild destroyed homes. Additionally, medical facilities in relief camps have been opened along with bank branches in selected areas. 

*as of July 4th, 2023