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How Diverse is the Supreme Court in terms of Religion?

Besides these informal conventions, religious diversity has not been a major criteria for appointments to the Supreme Court.

30th Sep 2021



Indian Young Lawyers’ Association v State of Kerala

The Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the Sabarimala Temple's custom of prohibiting women in their 'menstruating years' from entering.


State of Gujarat v Islamic Relief Committee of Gujarat

The Court held that diversion of tax proceeds for restoring religious shrines destroyed even due to State's negligence violates the principles of Secularism. The court underlined a conception of Secularism based on Strict Separation principle. Additionally, the court further hinted that compensation can be sought only for violation of Right to Life and not for other fundamental rights.


Last Updated: 20180829

Bench:P.C. Pant J, Dipak Misra CJI


Sunita Tiwari v Union of India

The Court will decide whether or not to ban the practice of female circumcision, or "khatna". In particular, the Court will evaluate circumcision as it is practiced in the Dawoodi Bohra community.


Next Hearing:

Last Updated: 20180924

Bench:A.M. Khanwilkar J, D.Y. Chandrachud CJI, Arun Mishra J


Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay v Union of India

The Court dismissed the petition, stating that only Parliament had the power to provide a uniform minimum age for marriage irrespective of religion or gender.