Constitution Bench cases coming up in the second half of 2024

Once the Court resumes functioning on 8 July 2024, what are the Constitution Bench cases on its docket in the new term?

In 2023, the top court delivered a remarkable 18 Constitution Bench decisions, of five and seven judges. The momentum in the Court’s efforts in hearing and clearing Constitution Bench cases continued into 2024. Notably, this year the Court heard long-pending cases before nine-judge benches.

In 2024 so far, the Court heard these cases concerning substantial questions of law for 30 days, out of 88 working days. The court has reserved judgments in seven critical Constitution Bench cases, tackling pivotal questions from the minority status of educational institutions to the extent of Union and state power to regulate industrial alcohol. Table 1 below lists these cases. 

The Court’s docket appears full as it returns from its summer vacation on 8 July. Constitution Benches are expected to hear several other cases concerning arbitration, the definition of ‘industry’ and amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act,1988. Table 2 below lists these cases. 

Note: The dates indicated in Table 2 are tentative and are subject to change. 

Table 1: Constitution Bench decisions coming up in the second half of 2024

Table 2: Constitution Bench cases expected to be heard in the second half of 2024