S.R. Bhat

S.R. Bhat

Sitting Judge of the Supreme Court of India

Assumed Office23rd Sep, 2019

Retired On20th Oct, 2023


Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court2019

Judge of the Delhi High Court2004-2019


Age: 63

Tracked Cases: 4


L.L.B.Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi


Notable Judgments

In his tenure as a judge of the Delhi High Court, Justice Bhat delivered some landmark judges, particularly in the field of IPR, Drug Regulation and Right to Information. In Roche v Cipla, a request for interim injunction by Roche was denied by Justice Bhat on the ground of public interest. The matter pertained to a claim of patent infringement by Roche against generic drug manufacturer Cipla. Going against the entrenched norm of routinely awarding interim injunctions in such matters, Justice Bhat refused injunction on the ground that such interference may lead to the public’s interest getting affected due to the huge price differential between Roche’s and Cipla’s drugs.


Another significant judgment from his stable is CPIO v Subhash Chandra Agarwal in which he held that the office of the Chief Justice of India is amenable to the provisions of the Right to Information Act. This matter was appealed to the Supreme Court, which ultimately agreed with Bhat’s High Court judgment, subject to certain conditions.