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Can there be real representation without reservation?

Why aren’t we talking about reservations in the higher judiciary for women and members of marginalised communities?

15th Nov 2023

Aparna Chandra Book Talk on Court on Trial


Book talk on “Court on Trial” with co-author Dr Aparna Chandra

Watch SCO's book talk with Dr. Aparna Chandra, co-author of "Court on Trial", with SCO's Editor-in-Chief Leena Gita Reghunath


The life and times of a constitutional court

As the Supreme Court gradually reignites Constitution Bench activity, we invite you to go through our previous coverage on the issue

30th Sep 2023



Jammu & Kashmir and the abrogation of Article 370: The letter and the spirit

DESK BRIEF: A CJI led Constitution Bench has been hearing arguments in one of the most momentous episodes in our political history.

28th Aug 2023