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Leena Gita Reghunath is the editor-in-chief at the Supreme Court Observer.

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75 Years of the Supreme Court

Celebrating 75 years of the Supreme Court

In the 75th year of the Supreme Court, we are introducing a special series showcasing the institution through a cultural and critical lens


‘Song and dance’ about ‘wining and dining’

The facts of a case can get lost in screaming headlines and turf wars on social media, as they did for a Supreme Court case on marriage


A Trial for Institutional Sanctity

The Court made many right noises during the VVPAT hearing, they were missing in its judgement.


2024 Spring Session Review

Compelling hearings and pleasantly surprising judgements in a quarter when the Supreme Court kicked off its 75th year celebrations

Court Data

High Court vacancies remain unaddressed; only three out of 25 functioning at full strength

While over 60 lakh cases remain pending at High Courts, 30 percent of the seats remain vacant


Reasoning against the clock

Holding account of the pace of constituting Constitution Benches


A case for compensation

Professor Saibaba's recent acquittal of UAPA charges raises questions about remedies for unjust incarceration


Transparency tunes in to the “dance of democracy”

The Supreme Court is now hearing a gamut of cases that will have a bearing on the future of democracy


Supreme Court Review 2023: The diversity problem remained unaddressed

Even in a mostly full-strength Court, there was a startling lack of representation of religious minorities, women & marginalised communities


Looking back, looking ahead

And just like that, it’s the end of another busy year, both for the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Observer.


“The Supreme Court has done the right thing”: Dr. M.P. Singh on Article 370 

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s judgement, SCO caught up with the constitutional law expert on the past and present of the federal scheme


Silent Valley

The Article 370 Judgment narrates a lot of history but gives cursory treatment to the present. Meanwhile, the Valley observes silence.


The doctor’s wise words on 25 November 1949

The day before the Constitution was adopted, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar spoke about the contradiction between political and social inequality


Can there be real representation without reservation?

Why aren’t we talking about reservations in the higher judiciary for women and members of marginalised communities?


Book talk on “Court on Trial” with co-author Dr Aparna Chandra

Watch SCO's book talk with Dr. Aparna Chandra, co-author of "Court on Trial", with SCO's Editor-in-Chief Leena Gita Reghunath


The life and times of a constitutional court

As the Supreme Court gradually reignites Constitution Bench activity, we invite you to go through our previous coverage on the issue


Jammu & Kashmir and the abrogation of Article 370: The letter and the spirit

DESK BRIEF: A CJI led Constitution Bench has been hearing arguments in one of the most momentous episodes in our political history.