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Reservation for EWS: 5 Must Reads

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Will EWS Reservation Survive?


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The final decree

The government’s messaging on India being arbitration-friendly has been somewhat muddied by recent developments—in court and outside it

18th Jun 2024



Monthly Review: May 2024

In May, the top court reserved judgement in one of the oldest nine-judge bench case and granted interim bail to Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal

13th Jun 2024

Arbitration; Supreme Court, DMRC judgement


DMRC–DAMEPL arbitration: after-effects of the curative judgement

The Court’s protectionist stance in the DMRC case may spook both domestic and foreign private players from doing business with government


11th Jun 2024


The Supreme Courts of South Asia: A comparative look

A ready-reckoner about some of the key features of the top courts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan

10th Jun 2024



Commissions and Omissions

How will the executive-judiciary tussle around appointments play out in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s third term?

9th Jun 2024

Anurag Bhaskar’s The Foresighted Ambedkar Ideas that Shaped Indian Constitutional Discourse


Did Dr Ambedkar Want to Burn the Constitution?

A chapter in a recent book looks at the context of a statement often quoted by proponents of a new Constitution. Here’s a brief excerpt.

6th Jun 2024


Kania and Nehru

Nehru’s fraught relationship with the judiciary had its roots in his exasperation with the first Chief Justice on the matter of appointments

3rd Jun 2024

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From the editor's desk

The differential levels of scrutiny the Court applies to studies on caste vis-a-vis economic backwardness may have deep and abiding implications for how affirmative action policies are crafted in the future, and is especially prescient in a situation where challenges to EWS reservations remain pending.
Can the Supreme Court Provide Reservations for Orphans?

With the petition seeking orphans to be identified as a backward class, are we moving away from a caste centric definition of backwardness.

Part I—The Mandal and Sinho Commissions: A Study in Contrasts

There is a marked difference in the methodology employed by the Mandal and Major Sinho Commissions in studying backwardness.

SC Offers Hope for OBC Reservations in Maharashtra Municipal Elections

The Maharashtra government was directed to submit data justifying its OBC reservation policy to the State Commission for Backward Castes.

Medical Students Relieved as SC Issues Order in PG NEET Case

DESK BRIEF: The SC issued an Order allowing the Union to immediately commence counselling for admissions to postgraduate medical programmes.