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350 Years of the Gyanvapi Dispute: A Timeline

SCO strings together the many legal and historical threads of the ongoing Gyanvapi dispute.


Sr. Adv. Trideep Pais at Delhi HC: Inconsistent Testimony Used to Charge Umar Khalid

Witness statement unreliable, Sessions Court Judge erred in denying bail to Mr. Khalid, claims Sr. Adv. Trideep Pais.


Tracing Six Years of Justice L.N. Rao at the Supreme Court

Rao J is set to retire on June 7th, 2022, during the Supreme Court's summer vacation.


Will A Constitution Bench Finally Sit this Year?

DESK BRIEF: The NCT case referral marks the first whiff of substantial Constitution Bench activity during the CJI’s tenure.


The Sedition Order: A Real Hope for Free Speech?

DESK BRIEF: The intended impact of the SC's relatively ambiguous Order remains unclear. 


On Clarity in the Collegium

DESK BRIEF: Long-standing critiques of the Collegium's lack of transparency are reflected in recent elevations.


SCO Explains: Pendency at the Supreme Court of India (2021)

In this episode, we unpack the numbers around the pendency concern and examine the SC’s performance over the past decade.


Reviewing Ramana: the CJI Anniversary Edition

DESK BRIEF: CJI N.V. Ramana is set to retire on August 26th 2022, after which Justice U.U. Lalit will assume the CJI’s office.


Day 2: Courts and the Constitution Conference

The Courts and Constitution Conference was held on April 15th-16th, at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.


Celebrating 5 Years of Supreme Court Observer

DESK BRIEF: SCO is India’s first and only living archive of the Supreme Court.


OROP: Balancing People and the Purse

DESK BRIEF: Fundamental differences in how stakeholders viewed the policy are what the OROP case hinges on.


Impact of the OROP Judgment on Policies and Pensions

With the SC's OROP Judgment, the government’s balancing of pensions within defence policy continues.


SC Stays MediaOne TV Ban, Grants Petitioners Interim Relief

A three-Judge Bench stayed the Malayalam channel's ban, permitting it to resume operations until the Court reaches a final verdict.


Juggling Security and Freedoms at the SC

DESK BRIEF: SCO explores the fine line between security and Constitutional freedoms that the SC is set to draw across cases.


Justice Akil Kureshi Retires Without Elevation to the Supreme Court

DESK BRIEF: Justice Akil Kureshi's retirement marks another chapter in India’s history of Executive interference in judicial appointments.