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How do we ‘judge’ the Judges?

DESK BRIEF: How can the productivity of a judge be determined?

Court Data

Two SC Judges Authored More Than 100 Judgments Each in 2021

In 2021, the average SC judge delivered 23 judgments.

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Monthly Review: July 2021

The Supreme Court made important decisions on land acquisition,and dismissed the review petition against the Maratha judgment.

1st Aug 2021


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Justice Bhat’s Dos and Don’ts for Progressive Judgment Writing on Gender Violence Cases

Bhat J has outlined certain rules to be followed while drafting judgments in cases of gendered sexual violence.


20th Mar 2021


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Judgments in Plain Language

Dama Sheshadri J has highlighted the importance of employing plain language while drafting central legislations.

17th Aug 2020