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The Collegium’s Spell of Transparency

DESK BRIEF: For 2 brief years, the collegium used to publish reasons for recommending appointments and transfers of judges.

10th Nov 2021



Manohar Lal Sharma v Narendra Damodardas Modi

In 2018, the court in a unanimous judgment decided not to order a court monitored investigation of the Union government's purchase of Rafale fighter aircraft. In 2019, it rejected to review its judgment.


Indore Development Authority v Manoharlal

The Court clarified the correct interpretation of Section 24(2) of the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. Among other things, it held that land acquisition proceedings cannot lapse merely because the State could not deposit compensation in a landowner's account.


Last Updated: March 6, 2020

Bench:M.R. Shah J, Vineet Saran J, Indira Banerjee J, S.R. Bhat J